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Martin Luther King Jr. Showcase

What: MLK Showcase and Community Conversation
When: January 16th, 4-6pm
Where: Alfalfa’s Community Room, 1651 Broadway St., Boulder CO 80302

Come attend and participate in our annual Martin Luther King, Jr Showcase led by and for youth, yet all members of the community are invited. This event will showcase the work Peers Building Justice (PBJ) youth have prepared for the community surrounding issues of race, identity, solidarity, and criminality. PBJ is a youth group committed to promoting social justice and resisting violence in our communities. Please come to this event on MLK day if you are interested in exploring student experiences and perspectives around race, racial justice, violence, and overall youth issues. Please spread this email and attached fliers with other community members who are also committed to supporting youth and ending violence. There will be light refreshments and heavy dose of education, conversation, and fun.

PBJ End-of-Year Showcase 2016!

The youth organizers of PBJ’s Training Institute held their end-of-the-year showcase on Saturday, May 14! The event was held at The Block 1750 and included food, a project gallery, and community conversation centered around the theme: “Let’s Talk About Sex, Stress, Stigma and Social Change.”

The afternoon began with the youth organizers sharing the projects they had been working on all semester, which examined comprehensive sex education, mental health in AP/IB programs, and LGBTQ+ inclusivity in high school history curriculum. The youth shared their findings through poster presentations and art displays. Attendees were invited to observe and talk with the youth about their projects and findings.

The second half of the event was focused on conversation. To begin, Elissa and Charissa led the attendees through an activity in which they asked a question with two possible answers, and participants had to move to one side of the room or the other based on their answer. For example, one question was, “Do you think stress and anxiety are necessary for being successful in school – yes or no?”

After this activity, the youth organizers led two fishbowl conversations. In a fishbowl, there is a small inner circle of participants who engage in conversation, while everyone else sits outside of the circle and observes. Participants may enter the inner circle if they wish to add to the conversation, and they may leave as they please. This format was used in order to create a space in which youth voices are heard and centered in conversation. The youth organizers brainstormed several questions ahead of time to guide the conversations. The youth followed the day’s theme and discussed sex, stress and stigma – primarily in schools. Several event attendees also added to the discussions – including parents, peers and educators.

The showcase concluded with PBJ celebrating another successful year of the Training Institute! The PBJ Coordinators thanked each student for their work with a small gift. We wish the best for our graduating seniors and can’t wait to see all of the great work the PBJ youth do in their futures!

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Let’s Talk About Masculinity

On 04, Feb 2016 | No Comments | In Events, Social Justice | By PBJ

Join Peers Building Justice for a free screening of “The Mask You Live In” on Tuesday, February 16 at 7 p.m. at Boulder High School. This documentary follows boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating the U.S.’s narrow definition of masculinity. All community members are welcome to attend! After the show, stick around to hear a panel discuss the film and their experiences with masculinity.

“The Mask You Live In” Screening: On Redefining Masculinity

On 11, Jan 2016 | No Comments | In Events, Knowledge, Social Justice | By PBJ

From Jennifer Newsom, director and writer of Miss Representation, “The Mask You Live In” documentary follows boys and young men as they struggle to stay true to themselves while negotiating US’s narrow definition of Masculinity. Please join Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence (SPAN) and the Parent Engagement Network (PEN) on a screening of “The Mask You Live In” on Thursday, January 14th at 6pm at Centaurus High School. There will be a panel of community members, including faculty from Centaurus High and district attorney Stan Garnett, discussing the film and their experiences of masculinity afterward the show.

Racial Justice Research Project for MLK Day

In preparation for MLK day,and with the support of the Youth Opportunities and Advisory Board, SPAN staff and interns, and a doctoral student from the School of Education at CU, Peers Building Justice is working with a team of youth and adults ranging from ages 12-35 on a Participatory Action Research Project looking at race and racial justice in Boulder County. The project started by establishing a research question to guide our work: How do our experiences and identities inform our approach to racial justice work? Youth, representing 6 Boulder Valley Schools, and adult partners from MESA, SPAN, CU Boulder, and Naropa, then determined research steps, established goals,  selected data collection methods, and are collectively coding the data in order to compile findings in answer to their research question. Data sources include reflection from field journals, conversations with the group and with community members about race, racism, and racial justice movements, facebook posts, interviews from contemporary and historic racial justice advocates, such as MLK, and interviews with each other. The research team will compile their findings and present them in an interactive community event on January 18th at Alfalfa’s Community Room from 4-6pm. The event is open to everyone, with the goal of informing the audience members of the research findings and inviting them into conversation and action around racial justice issues in Boulder County and beyond.



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Summer Action Research Internship

On 26, Jul 2015 | No Comments | In #TDVAM 2015, Events, News | By PBJ

In August, PBJ will launch its new summer program. The Summer Action Research Internship (ARI) is a six-day long participatory inquiry project that will look at sexual health education and policies in Boulder Valley School District. We believe that the knowledge that young people carry about their every day life experiences is invaluable for informing the structures, policies, and curriculum that directly affect them. Read more…

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Campus Organizer Recieves Award!

On 30, Apr 2014 | No Comments | In Events, News | By PBJ


to PBJ Campus Organizer Jennifer Jun!

Jen was honored to be one of ten youth selected by the Youth Opportunities Program for an Annual Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award for the 2013-2014 year.

Thank you for your inspiring leadership and service!




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“I Love Myself Because…” A Peers Building Justice Showcase

On 15, Apr 2014 | No Comments | In Events, News | By PBJ


 Join the Peers Building Justice Campus Organizers on Friday April 18th, as we celebrate their awesome accomplishments this year!
6:00-7:30 PM
Alfalfa’s Market Community Room … (Once you get to Alfalfa’s find their guest services desk and ask for directions to the community room)
•Interactive art installation
•Slam poetry
•Photography exhibit
•Multimedia art
•Youth-created “zines” (self-published magazines)
•Photo booth
•Free food
•FUN! =)





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“I Love Myself Because…” Awareness Campaign

On 10, Dec 2013 | No Comments | In Events, Knowledge | By PBJ

Check out the new awareness campaign that PBJ Campus Organizers are launching!

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 4.57.36 PMScreen Shot 2013-12-09 at 4.57.51 PM



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Deadline extension – Campus Organizer Applications are now due Sept. 27th

On 19, Sep 2013 | No Comments | In Events, Knowledge, News | By PBJ

In light of the flood emergency and the response that is being provided by many of our community agencies, Peers Building Justice will be extending our Campus Organizer application deadline until FRIDAY, SEPT 27th!

We hope that you and your families are safe and finding the resources you need. Click here for one page that has several links to valuable resources.

We send warm thoughts to all those effected by the flood, and we look forward to receiving the last of your applications!

PBJ Campus Organizer Application 2013-2014.