About PBJ

Peers Building Justice (PBJ)


Peers Building Justice (PBJ) is a youth group that explores how dating and sexual violence are sustained by power and control in our communities.

PBJ aims to:

  • Unearth community awareness of social-justice issues
  • Inspire arts-based events and projects to end oppression
  • Build youth power
  • Create transformative discussions in classrooms, court rooms, and everywhere in between.

Social Justice:

PBJ employs a social justice, anti-oppression, pro-liberation framework. We believe that in order to end violence against any individual and youth, we must understand and challenge the varying forms of oppression people experience, which can be intricately woven into teen dating violence and sexual assault.

We will work side by side with students to respectfully and sensitively explore cultural and historical struggles that face our communities every day. This approach allows individuals to develop critical thinking skills in how they view relationships within societal norms and learn tools to create healthy relationships.


Peers Building Justice (PBJ) is a collaboration of Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence (SPAN) and Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA).

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