2018 PBJ Summer Program

The week of July 2nd-7th, PBJ held their 2018 Summer Program. During this week, PBJ youth participated in a Justice System/Politics themed week. Each day we had a different activity for the youth to get to know more about our local, state, and federal political system. Some of the activities included: touring the State Capitol and afterwards, sitting down with the Lt. Governor of Colorado, Donna Lynne, where the youth asked her questions about the administrations’ policies, her thoughts on the future of Colorado, and why it is so important for youth to be politically involved. The youth later got the chance to tour a Federal Court and learn more about how it works.

Other activities were touring the Boulder County Justice Center, where the youth had the chance to meet and speak with the Boulder’s District Attorney, Michael Dougherty, staff members, and court officials.

We ended the week with the youth presenting on what they learned, and some of the projects included: steps in becoming a lawyer/prosecutor, how important voting is, how Colorado has changed politically over the years, and a “TedTalk” by one of our youths about our political system. We later had a pool party with all of them for all their hard work!

Click here to view pictures of the week.

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