This past Saturday, March 24th, PBJ youth and adult-mentors marched side-by-side other young people, students, teachers, community leaders, and other individuals in Denver to say “not one more.”

PBJ marched not only to stop mass shootings in our schools across the country, but to put an end to all gun violence in all communities across the nation. Youth of color have been voicing these very issues, but no national platform has been given to them, so on Saturday we marched for them. We marched for every young person whose life has ended too soon because of the gun violence in the country. We marched because this is unacceptable to see in a country we all love.

This young generation is coming with an ambitious and a no BS attitude. They are here to stay, they are here to change things, and they are here to make their voices and actions be heard. Not one more.

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