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PBJ Educators

Jacqueline Manzo
Youth Violence Prevention Educator, SPAN
I was born in Boulder and raised in Longmont. I received my bachelor’s at The University of Colorado – Boulder, majoring in ethnic studies with a minor in education. The four years of my undergrad career were dedicated to studying and learning about race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and power in national and transnational contexts.
I am inspired by youth who take on leadership roles and fight for change to improve their communities and create a better future.
In my free time, I enjoy hiking the Chautauqua Trails, hanging out with friends/familia, and reading.
La Lucha Sigue.

Maddie Gross                                                                                            Youth Violence Prevention Educator Assistant, SPAN

I grew up in Fort Morgan, CO with my sister and grandfather. A lot of my youth was spent raising goats and my horse and college seemed like a very distant opportunity. I luckily followed my sister to CU Boulder, where I am currently studying Anthropology and Ethnic Studies. Both of these major are deeply important to me because each taught me how to be critically engaged in my community. I also recently finished a very integral and personal learning experience in the INVST Community Leadership Program that gave me self-reflective and activist training so that I can make a lifetime commitment to bring about a more just and sustainable world. I am truly humbled and awed by the strength and power of the collective and I work everyday to shift power back into the hands of the community.

I spend a lot of time biking and hiking with my friends and especially my friends dogs. I often collage in my free time and am absolutely addicted to books.