May Showcase 2018

On May 6th, our Peers Building Justice (PBJ) youth participated in the 2018 May Showcase.

At the showcase, they presented numerous social justice topics such as how important water is in our society and how low-income communities pay the biggest price to access clean, drinkable water. Other projects included racism in the cosmetic industry, the threat of Donald’s Trumps budget cut to our National Parks, Multiple Sclerosis, a personal story of one of our youth coming to the USA from Eritrea, the Syrian Crisis, being body positive, the real story of Mexico, talking about endangered species through art, and many other topics. This showcase was different than our MLK Jr. Showcase. Here, our youth could really explore and present absolutely anything they felt passionate about or wanted to learn more about.

These have been topics very close and important to our youth and they spent numerous weeks working on these projects. This showcase was youth-led, so we felt very inspired on the passion and commitment our youth have in fighting and educating the public!

To view pictures of our May Showcase click here.

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