Up Next for PBJ


Peers Building Justice wrapped up a successful Martin Luther King, Jr showcase, above is our team celebrating our hard work.

The back of our shirts say, “The first duty of a revolutionary is to be educated”- Che Guevara

We plan on spending the rest of the school year preparing for our May Showcase,

which will demonstrate the hard work students are putting in now to research and address youth issues.

Here is what we have planned:

3/20-Workshop on Intersectionality/Gender and Sexuality

3/27– Spring Break NO PBJ

4/3-Research for Social Justice Workshop/Cold and Hot Spots Workshop

4/17-BVSD is Off NO PBJ

4/24-Boulder Valley Planned Parenthood Workshop

5/1-Spoken Word Training

5/15-Full Work Day

5/19–¬† Full Work Day



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