Get involved this February

Here are 3 things you can do to get involved this month:

1.Wear Orange
The color for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month is orange. Wear orange out to events this February and take time to talk with people about TDV and why you are choosing to wear orange. Let those who ask know that you are wearing orange in order to endorse healthy relationships within our communities.

2.Write a post on Facebook
Whether it is from friends or news pages, a lot of us get our news and updates from Facebook. A really powerful tool this TDV Awareness Month is your Facebook wall! Take a few minutes to learn more about TDV and write a short post; letting your friends know why it’s important to learn more about how TDV affects our communities.

3.Learn More
If you would like to learn more about TDV and its affects on our communities please frequent our blog, as we will be uploading information on TDV as well as ways to engage in healthy relationships that are filled with equity, love and respect.

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