Boulder Pride: I Love Myself Because…

At Boulder Pride this year, we asked community members to help us decorate the booth. The first prompt?

I love myself because…..

I’m awesome!!

I’m nerdy

I’m perfect

I know that I can accomplish anything

I’m aggressive and independent

it took 23 years to build me 🙂

I’m always trying to be a little bit BETTER

I’m super smart 🙂

I find positivity in negative situations

I am able to function in high pressure and stressful situations

I was brave enough to change my life and be true to me

I spend time working to help others

of my enthusiasm

I’m sassy

I’m a strong and independent woman! 🙂


I love you.

I’m unashamed to be me!

I am amazing!

I am resilient

it feels good to like who I’ve become

I’m worth it!

WHY NOT? xoxo

I can be who I am and be happy with it! 🙂

of my kind heart

my opinion about myself is all that matters

I even make myself laugh

my passion over throws my fear

I’m weird and I like it 😉

I’m (gay, cool, free) FABULOUS

I smile non-stop

I’m awesome

I’m the only me I got!

I exist

I’m unafraid of expressing myself

I have a spirit that brightens every room 🙂

I have a laugh that lights up every room & I make everyone happier when I’m around. And I’m super gorgeous 🙂

I am a survivor

I resist violence by speaking up when oppression is happening


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