Red Flags

Yesterday, we highlighted how abusive relationships become painful and sometimes dangerous before anyone seeks help. During today’s blog post we will discuss Red Flags.

Red Flags are warning signs found within abusive relationships that show when changes need to be made before things get dangerous.

Below is a list of red flags for people who may be in an abusive relationship.

  • being physically hurt
  • feeling afraid of your dating partner
  • feeling isolated or alone
  • losing your friends
  • changing your behavior because of your dating partner’s jealousy
  • feeling embarrassed, put down, ashamed, or ugly
  • being threatened
  • feeling manipulated or controlled
  • being afraid to express your on feelings of anger
  • feeling a nervous or sick feeling in your stomach when your dating partner is irritated, frustrated, or angry
  • feeling a pounding or fluttering in your chest when your dating partner isn’t happy
  • not being allowed to, or being afraid to, make decisions for yourself
  • noticing that your dating partner has very stereotypical beliefs about gender
  • feeling as if your dating partner gets too personal or touches you in an unwanted way
  • not having your thoughts or wishes for personal space respected

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If at any point you have questions and/or need to speak to someone about your relationship, please call either the SPAN (303) 444-2424 or MESA (303) 443-7300 hotlines. MESA and SPAN have specially trained counselors who are available 24/7/365. The hotlines are free, and they also have Spanish-speaking counselors.

You don’t need to be in crisis to call the phone numbers. You can call anytime, even if just to say, ‘I saw something happen between two friends of mine and I didn’t know what to think,’ or ‘I’m just looking for some information.’

Anyone can call these numbers. You can call about a friend, a family member, or about yourself. The call is totally confidential and you don’t need to give the counselor personal information about yourself such as your name and phone number. You can use a fake name or no name if you want.

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